Carbon neutral paint featured on BBC, construction, architecture, interior design media titles thanks to PR Darlings

“If you want to promote an ethical and responsible product, you need an ethical and responsible public relations firm,” says Patrick Folkes, director of The Graphene Company, distributors of the UK’s first commercially-available carbon neutral paint, Graphenstone. “PR Darlings have a sense of style and a sense of humour, but place just as much emphasis on their sense of purpose. They are always mindful of the contribution they can make to social, economic and environmental sustainability.”

“For the UK Launch of Graphenstone, PR Darlings worked with us to develop core value propositions and press releases, defining key messages, and selecting our most compelling images to attract interest in Graphenstone,” continued Folkes. “They also developed a brand specific web presence and media centre to give journalists easy, anytime access to all our media materials so they could cut, paste and edit Graphenstone media collateral to their specific needs.”

“The obvious angle for an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral paint is the climate emergency, because it is the crisis we are all facing,” says Brian Ahearne of Parker, Wayne & Kent which operates the consumer and lifestyle public relations brand, PR Darlings. “However, gaining share-of-voice for an environmentally-friendly product is actually very difficult. There are a cacophony of messages being promoted and it is hard for any product, no matter how high quality or environmentally beneficial, to stand out. So, we worked various angles: the use of the ‘wonder substance graphene’, the paint’s sustainability, and its anti-allergen and anti-viral characteristics which contribute to safe and healthy environments. The environmental aspect was obviously important, but the challenge with Graphenstone was to appeal to a variety of different journalists with a single press release. That’s the most efficient for everyone involved.”

“PR Darlings were bright enough to understand the science, and then translate that into language that was easy to understand and would appeal to a variety of journalists,” says Folkes. “They understood the importance of making a journalist’s job as easy as possible by giving them access to digital media materials, and presenting them with the hard science behind the product in a way that made it accessible to the average reader. Their billing is always ethical and reasonable. Graphenstone got terrific value for money given the amount of involvement and the results. The editorial media coverage achieved has been far more impactful and cost effective than buying advertising space.”

At launch Graphenstone paints were targeted at three primary markets: projects with smart, sustainable and eco-build goals; optimum hygiene environments – such as in healthcare, education and catering; and buildings in corrosive or challenging climates.

PR Darlings targeted journalists serving several specialist sectors including architecture, construction, specialist trade and environmental publications, while an interview with design bible Dezeen detailing the environmental benefits of the product received substantial attention.

When The Graphene Company opened its first paint mixing factory in Norfolk, PR Darlings were tasked with attaining attention again, attracting the BBC, trade media, and the local press to the story.

Examples of media coverage includingGraphenstone’s key messages:

The paint is made from a pure lime base that has been combined with graphene – a recently engineered material hailed as the thinnest, strongest and most conductive ever developed…It will be distributed in the UK through The Graphene Company” – Dezeen

The Graphene Company paints a green future” – Energy Live News

This Paint Could Change the Face of Sustainable Design” – Architectural Digest

Graphenstone is the most sustainable and ecological coating for both indoor and outdoor projects.” – The Art of Design Magazine

the paint is incredibly durable as well as having eco-friendly benefits…the paint absorbs carbon dioxide and is also free of toxins and chemicals” – Eastern Daily Press

Another major benefit is the ability to clean the air, doing a complete 180 on traditional paints” – Green Matters

Graphene’s inclusion in paints, coatings and other building materials exponentially enhances hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity and coverage” – The Construction Index

the paint is extremely eco-friendly. With a base made from 98 percent pure lime, the paint purifies the surrounding air as it absorbs carbon dioxide” – Inhabitat

The first commercially-available graphene-infused paints are now on sale in the UK and they’ll appeal to people who want paints that contain no petro-chemical ingredients and are super hard-wearing yet breathable” – Deco Mag

Graphenstone produces over 1000 colors of highly sustainable and ecologically-friendly coatings available for both indoor and outdoor new build or restoration projects. Its materials are already proven to deliver visible, tangible and long lasting value with an international track record of use in large and small construction, redecoration and restoration projects” – Woodworking Network

The company adds that the paint is free of VOCs, formaldehyde, heavy metals, toxic substances, carcinogens, and other harmful agents such as biocides or plasticizers” – Paint Square

As graphene is a conductive material (1000 times more so than copper), the paint improves the thermal regulation of buildings, saving energy by requiring less heating and air conditioning” – Material District

Graphene infused lime paint has magical green properties” – Tree Hugger

Because graphene is one atom thick in the paint, less is required to achieve a durable finish that is resistant to corrosion” – Proud Green Building

The UK’s first commercially-available ‘carbon neutral’ graphene paints are now being mixed and tinted to order from a new factory in Norfolk” – Business Green

Graphenstone, a completely new kind of paint manufactured by The Graphene Company, is a next-level eco-friendly paint using lime and graphene to create a product that’s not only super conductive (so that it better thermoregulates your home for improved energy usage) but it also naturally purifies the air” – Apartment Therapy

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