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Free PR Lessons

PR Lesson from the BBC
Even the media can get it wrong. Research is very important when it comes to the news, and a lack of knowledge can result in embarrassing mistakes - like interviewing the wrong person. 

Links to  videos: First interview  |  Second Interview

PR Lesson from Michael Howard
This is a perfect example of someone who's been media trained to avoid answering a question, and then delivering their own message. It's a classic example of ABC - Acknowledge, Bridge, Communicate. 

Link to video: Infamous Interview

PR Lesson, Corporation vs. Employees
The commercial media's first priority is money. It's alleged that at times, threatening to withdraw advertising has stopped issues being broadcast or printed.  

Link to video: Unsettling Accounts

PR Lesson on who reads what
Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of PR. Make sure you know the readership of a publication, as coverage is only going to have good results if it is in the right place.

Link to video: Who reads the papers?

PR Lesson from Noam Chomsky
This examines the concept of the "media agenda", and how the media works. Just because something is important to the public at large, it doesn't mean media organisations are going to give it attention. 

Link to videos:
Part 5/9  |  Part 6/9 |  Part 7/9  |  Part 8/9  



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