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Parker, Wayne and Kent Public Relations sends Tremor to Publishers and Advertisers

Tremor Media hires public relations firm to promote online video monetisation and advertising in the UK

Tremor Media, the world’s largest online video advertising and monetisation company, has appointed Parker, Wayne and Kent Public Relations as they encourage advertisers to realise the potential of online video advertising and try to help online publishers earn money from their video assets. 

In the US, the success of Tremor Media has led to TV advertising budgets shifting to the online platform as advertisers are keen to maximise the potential of their spending. With 137 million unique viewers per month, Tremor Media is well placed to achieve this. In May comScore put Tremor Media second only to YouTube in total video viewer numbers and highest in the ranking of premium video views. 

Tremor’s Acudeo technology, the video monetisation tool, enables advertisers to target viewers through various characteristics, including behavioural, contextual, demographic and geographic location. Thanks to Acudeo, advertisers can reach defined and desirable audiences making online video advertising much more efficient than television. 

In the UK and Europe, Tremor is focusing on pre-roll advertising on premium video content. Publishers now have the opportunity to benefit from online video advertising. Online video is often offered by publishers, but not used to generate revenue. 

A spokesman for Parker, Wayne and Kent said: “The ever increasing volume of video traffic is forcing strained broadband providers to investigate ways to make money from online video publishers. Therefore it is becoming essential that publishers realise full revenue potential from their video content. More people are watching TV online so this is a great opportunity for publishers as well as advertisers. Television advertising is expensive. We need to demonstrate that online video advertising is better than primetime, anytime.”

Parker, Wayne and Kent’s brief includes strategic media relations, online communications, event management and analyst relations. 

Tremor Media UK’s Managing Director, Adrian Lacey, said: “Parker, Wayne and Kent will provide the creativity necessary to get people Tremoring. They understand that online video advertising is measurably better than TV and they have the ingenuity to propel this message in the UK media. Their previous client experience with internet, advertising and streaming companies make them perfect to come up with the story ideas that promote our technical abilities.”


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