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Unique online image detection company hires London public relations support

Social media, mobile, broadband and hosting companies can give their customers added protection from viewing unwanted images by using a new online image detection technology about to launch in the UK. Uniquely, the system can detect adult and potentially inappropriate images at the point they are being uploaded to the Internet from mobile phones as well as PCs.

Image recognition specialists WeSee has hired a London based PR firm to launch the technology. Parker, Wayne & Kent Public Relations will provide services such as message development and media relations with key technology, online marketing and third sector publications. The agency will also help develop WeSee’s opinion former and public affairs relationships with government departments, charities, child protection and industry groups.

Currently the nature of the Internet makes it difficult for Internet companies to monitor what is both uploaded and viewed by online audiences. Traditionally, companies such as social networking sites moderate adult content by relying on text labels, relying on their users to report abuse, or through manual intervention, making the process both time consuming and costly. WeSee’s content filter uses image recognition technology, automatically recognising adult images without relying on text descriptions and tags. The content is automatically filtered in real time and can be detected at the point of being uploaded onto the web, meaning internet companies can reduce the time and cost spent with teams of moderators identifying illicit content on their networks.  Theoretically, the filter can also identify images of child abuse and inappropriate pictures of children.

Parker, Wayne & Kent will also launch two further WeSee services – an innovative image-focused search engine and an advanced contextual advertising system. Much like the image detection system, both services are based on WeSee’s image recognition technology and deliver relevant online content to users regardless of the text associated with the images or on the web pages. 

WeSee’s co-founder Adrian Moxley said, “We have selected a communications agency that really understands our company and the issues surrounding our work, particularly with internet safety and content relevance. Not only do Parker, Wayne & Kent have an excellent track record in public relations relating to online safety, the Internet industry, image software and online marketing technologies, they’re also passionate about what we’re trying to achieve.”

Rob Latham, PR professional at Parker Wayne & Kent, said, “The nature of the Internet means users often feel like they have no control over the content they encounter, whether it’s inappropriate images or irrelevant adverts.  In November 2010, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre highlighted its concern about children posting explicit “self taken” images online.  Image content has also re-emerged as an issue for Parliament with calls from Claire Perry MP for Internet companies to block access to adult material by default, meaning that householders would have to opt-in to view adult websites. Using technology like WeSee's new image detector is a vital step in helping to protect vulnerable people, as it helps the industry and Internet users to self-regulate their internet use.”  


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Parker, Wayne & Kent are the anti-thesis of "PR people" but everything you should expect of a PR company.  More...
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