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New social media editorial video service

Businesses can engage their online audience more effectively using a new affordable social media-enabled video service.

Companies can now host rich content videos on their websites and within their marketing emails that link to their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presences to increase their online audiences, using Parker, Wayne & Kent PR’s new PWKtv service.

PWKtv offers companies a variety of film formats, from fun videos to celebrate a specific occasion, video news releases and social media B-roll, to short documentaries, infomercials, online training sessions and internal communications videos.

Online video is now one of the most popular forms of media and is watched by more than 80 per cent of UK internet users, according to ComScore. It enhances companies’ search engine ranking by drawing traffic to websites and engages audiences substantially more than simple text through visuals, sounds and social media functionality, making it the most powerful communications format.

Danielle Kummer, Social Video Professional at Parker, Wayne & Kent, said: “Many businesses are traditionally put off using online video by most service providers’ high prices. However, lots of the cost often comes in the production and editing of the content. PWKtv keeps things simple - which keeps the budgets down - and turnaround time fast to provide an engaging, affordable option, even for micro-businesses.”

“People don’t want to just read information - they want to see it and hear it as well. They also want to work and trade with companies that have a personality. Online video fills this need.”

“PWKtv is an affordable video service for organisations and individuals that want to take advantage of the video capabilities of the Internet, so videos can be placed on websites, emails, YouTube channels, and LinkedIn company profiles. What’s more, by maintaining high editorial standards, the video can be sold-in to online publishers desperate to increase their video content on their site.”

Watch PWKtv videos on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/parkerwaynekent


Notes to Editors

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