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Independents’ Day to Prepare for General Election 

Independent politicians from across the country will join together to prepare the Independent Network for the next general election at a meeting organised by public relations firm Parker, Wayne and Kent. 

The Independent Network is a loose association which aims to support independent political candidates. The Independent Network does not impose any political views on the individuals it supports, or that support the Independent Network. However, affiliates of the Independent Network must be non-discriminatory and adhere to the recommendations of The Committee on Standards in Public Life. 

With the deadline for a general election fast approaching, Parker, Wayne and Kent is coordinating the Independent Network's activities, beginning with a strategy meeting on Friday September 25th in central London. Confirmed attendees include independent candidates, councillors, independent politicians and supporters from across the country including Derby, Hertfordshire, Mansfield, London, Peterborough and Stoke-on-Trent.

Parker, Wayne and Kent will provide national media relations support to the Independent Network and will work to create a common identity for independent candidates under the strapline “Great minds think independently”. They will also oversee the online communications strategy including the Independent Network’s website, a regular blog, YouTube content and administrating accounts on Twitter and Facebook

A spokesperson for Parker, Wayne and Kent said: "One of our challenges is to convince floating voters to recognise themselves as independent. Independent candidates are in the unique position of being able to listen to the electorate, voting with their conscience and on behalf of their constituency without toeing a party line. They’re a credible alternative to party politics at a time when political party membership and trust is falling dramatically. Independents are more effective at representing the views of their constituents and promoting democracy at a local, national and European level."

For more information on the meeting visit www.independentnetwork.org.uk


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