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Analyst Relations

Analysts are industry experts who are often approached by the media to offer commentary on news and issues in their sector.

Parker, Wayne and Kent has excellent relationships with analysts across a broad spectrum of industries.

Regular contact and a good relationship with key analysts is an invaluable media relations tool for companies. Even if an analyst does not reference a brand name specifically, they may be a powerful proponent of a particular market position. Analysts are also regular speakers at industry events, and may use relevant case studies and reference points that are made available to them.

Analysts also have a close relationship with their customers, who will purchase surveys, reports or other industry insights from them. These buyers are key decision makers within the industry that are open to suggestions and advice - if an analyst is very familiar  with a certain brand, they may be a powerful business development asset.

Analysts are also useful hosts for round table discussions with journalists. An analyst adds an experienced, respected and independent voice to discussion, but may be briefed on the direction of the conversation and key topics to cover. In this way, companies can maximize the potential coverage for their business.


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